Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hump Day Hook - Day 14

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My hump day hook for the day comes from my contemporary romantic adventure, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI. When her friend, Jennifer coerces her into taking a sci-fi novel writing class, meteorite scientist, Marissa, gets immersed in much more than the text...After a date with instructor Justin ends badly and the next morning, Melissa's venting her frustration with him in class.

“Well, you have to admit this essay was really lame, even if it was well written,” grunted Mark. Despite the fact that it was nine AM, a five o’clock shadow clouded his face and the dark circles under his eyes screamed hang over.

At least someone’s on my side—maybe I should ask for his number after class. “Yeah, see.” I turned to Justin and narrowed my eyes. “And I have all the information I need, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, with this author, it’s a clear case of too much information. By the end of the essay, I feel like if I hear another word about his vanilla obsession or his pathetic love life, I’m going to have to grab a handful of vanilla beans and stone him to death with them. But a man can never get over a blond with big jugs, right?”

“His ex-girlfriend’s appearance wasn’t even described in the essay,” said Steve. “Where did you come up with that?”
“Oh, I don’t know. This author just seems like the kind of guy who would try to seduce one woman while another still has keys to his house.”

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World-renowned oceanographer and meteorite specialist Marissa Jones uncovers evidence that a comet cloud will soon destroy Earth. When aspiring writer and her best friend Jennifer begs her to take a Saturday morning sci-fi writing class, Marissa reluctantly agrees. Writing her real-life story as fiction gives her an astonishing new perspective on the anomalous set of craters she discovered off the La Jolla Coast. But this favor for her friend stirs up more than scientific results…writing teacher Justin Lincoln goads her constantly and taunts her with his irresistible curly blond locks and steely physique he knows only too well make women drool. Marissa teeters on the edge of anger and raging attraction for this irritating man. But it’s a terrible time to let lust call the shots when the world’s about to end and Marissa’s the only one who can save everyone. 


  1. Hehe, I love where this arguement heads :P
    Awesome hook, Sabrina!

  2. Excellent repartee'. I love the image of her stoning him to death with vanilla beans!

  3. Lol. Seems like she's hinting that Justin is this type of person. I love her snippy attitude. Nice hook!

  4. And my winner is...meryvamp. Congrats! Please send me your email and I'll get you your ebook copy :)