Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Sexy Saturday - From WIP Seaside Seduction

Every Saturday, a group of talented authors post 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from a published book or work in progress. You can read some other My Sexy Saturday author posts by clicking here. In this excerpt, wealthy CEO Nicholas Gallero is getting more than he bargained for when he breakfasts on his Cabo San Lucas patio this morning.

When the water reached my hips, I plunged in and stroked toward the woman, who looked to be twenty feet from the shore. I swam up beside her and, floating over the crest of a wave, scooped her up in my arms. Her long dark hair hung in soggy torrents around her stone-white face and she coughed and choked through swollen purplish lips. She opened her eyes and gazed at me with enormous brown eyes. I read vulnerability in the depths of her eyes and felt a surprising urge to kiss her. And then all at once, her head tipped back and her limp body sagged in my arms and the undulating ocean waves. I reached across her bikini-clad breasts, linking my arms around her to secure her in a cross-chest carry.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Olympian Misty Hyman Interviews me at USMS Summer Swimming Nationals


I had the pleasure of finally meeting Olympian Misty Hyman. She interviewed me as part of the Day 5 recap of the USMS Summer Swimming Nationals. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.
In the photo posted above, I’m about to swim a mixed 200 free relay with Anna DeLozier, John Swick, and Aung Sann Oo. John, our relay anchor, poses with me in this pic.

I have to say my California dreams all came true at this meet. It’s been a lifetime dream to swim in the Mission Viejo pool and I enjoyed racing, hanging out with my teammates, watching my husband swim his first ever nationals races, and meeting new people. I brought home lots of medals, placing in the top 3 in 3 individual events (2nd 50 breast, 3rd 100/200 breast) and 2 relays, signed a lot of books for swimmers, and topped off the trip with a relaxing ocean swim in La Jolla Cove and an indulgent night’s sleep in the Grande Colonial Hotel. Swimming is truly a gift that invigorates me, keeps me in top physical condition, and helps give me the mental fortitude to persevere and achieve goals in and out of the water.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Contest Winners

My contest winners are...

For the $5 Amazon gift card - Lyncee

For the signed copy of THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER - Jessica Subject

For the sea charm/book cover key chains nicely assembled by author Ellen Cross - Nora Snowden

Ladies, please get in touch with me - I need an email address for the gift card and mailing addresses for the other two. Congratulations and thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comments :-)