Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Hook - Post 5

My latest Hump Day Hook comes from my erotic sci fi, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI. Best friend Jennifer is trying to persuade heroine, Marissa Jones, to take a science fiction novel writing class.

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“If we hurry and sign up, we can still get in,” said Jennifer.

“Get into what?” Using my towel, I wiped water from my forehead.

“The science-fiction novel writing class. It meets every Saturday morning, starting next week.” From the bubbly tenor of her voice, you’d have thought we were the latest winners of the California lottery.

Oh, Lord, and I thought her plan to crash into working professionals on purpose, while pretending it wasn’t on purpose, was her weirdest idea yet. “Like I’d want to.”

“No I’m serious. It would be fun to go together, don’t you think? We could write a novel, meet some men…”

“Oh, no you don’t.” I saw my familiar Saturday morning routine of lounging in bed until ten washing away like a chalk drawing in the rain. I can knock a guy unconscious with a tennis ball on Friday night, listen to strangers burst out laughing at my writing incompetence Saturday morning, and attend Sunday mass for the sole purpose of praying—I don’t mind the sand trap, but please, oh please just let me finish all eighteen holes in the afternoon without knocking another guy in the nuts.

Here's the short blurb for this book:

The man who makes Marissa crazy is the only one she wants. But it's a bad time to let lust call the shots when a comet cloud is careening toward Earth and Marissa's the only one who can save everyone.



  1. Gentleman, cover your nuts! lol, that last line made me laugh. Sounds about like my own luck if I were ever to attempt golf...or tennis. Seriously, though, I understand her trepidation about the writing group. It's hard for some of us to put our writing on display for critique by others, especially by others who may not necessarily be qualified to critique it. But what are best friends for if not to set you up and complicate your life? lol, nice hook.

  2. I love the humor, it's a great hook! :)

  3. I liked the golf reference in the last paragraph. Funny! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Hehe, love the touch of humour in this one. Great hook.

  5. Humor and a great hook! You can't ask for more on HDH!

  6. I like the tone of her inner talk. It gives a good sense of her personality, and I want more. Nice hook!

  7. Haha. Love her inner sarcastic tone. Great job!

  8. Lol! Definitely not the way I'd want to spend the weekend!

  9. Great sense of humor - I love the voice in this book, great hook!